Maverick ET-632 Remote Smoker Thermometer – White

Remotely monitors your grill from up to 250 feet away, even inside your home
Receiver beeps when food or grill temperatures falls below or goes above pre-set limits
Extra-long food probe can be inserted up to 6-inches into food; Both probes are heat-safe to 300 degrees C


Remotely screens your grill from as much as 250 ft away, even inside of your house
Receiver beeps while meals or grill temperatures falls under or is going above pre-set limits
Additional-lengthy meals probe may also be inserted as much as 6-inches into meals; Each probes are warmth-secure to 300 levels C
Options simple-to-learn LCD show with back-gentle to be used at night time or in low-gentle prerequisites
Clip to belt for sporting or use cord stand to stay upright on countertops or hold in any handy region


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