Outdoorchef Gourmet Check Digital Thermometer

Dual sensor thermometer.
Precisely cook to a specific temperature.
Easy to clean.



with OUTDOORCHEF in case you simply the rest and the whole lot is reasonably easy. the Grill is quick and mounted. Afterwards, you’ll Simple to make use of your device adding an excellent Grillresultat Grillsystemen way to our top of the range coated rusting and Integrated grease drip tray Grill, able to make use of quickly, cleanly and


with OUTDOORCHEF take care of it if any culinary new concept Gas, electric, charcoal, whether or not cooking or cooking, baking: our Smart Grillsysteme and the assorted range of accessories variantenreichen OUTDOORCHEF guarantee a grilling pleasure and relaxing time within the open air;


for OUTDOORCHEF the requirement for a fully a hit, tasty Barbecue experience. Here are of the leading edge Grillsysteme OUTDOORCHEF Fettflammenbrand and by avoiding the potential for Schongarens for simple and healthy Way of life to be had. well as their neighbours will experience


Item number:
Subject matter: Stainless Steel / Plastic

Colour: Green

Dimensions in cm: Height 2 cm x Width 7 cm x Depth 8.5

Weight: 0.2 kg

Gourmet Check is the fan and the inner temperature of the Grillguts. Steaks remain juicy frying and lovely.
Dual sensor thermometer.
Precisely cook to a particular temperature.
Simple to scrub.


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