Pierre Cardin Electro Jet Flame Lighter – Pinstripe

Turbo Jet Flame Lighter
Silver Finish
Dust Cap


The Pierre Cardin Electro is for individuals who like the feel and appear of a zippo however need a little bit more elegance, luxury and convenience. The size are very similar to a Zippo and can suit the smoker who needs to understand they have got were given one thing of their hand. A just right weight and cast feel but it surely may not glance misplaced in case you pull it out in a top finish smoking room. Never modification a flint or battery with the piezo ignition system and never get annoyed outdoors with the turbo windproof flame.
Turbo Jet Flame Lighter
Silver End
Mud Cap
Lighter Pouch Included
(MF-forty eight-03) *** Just for UK Mainland***


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