10T Fridgo 20 – Passive cool box, 20 litres with carry handle, lemon, 51x29x29 cm

Reliable cool box for cooling and keeping warm
Airtight rubber seal
Two-shell plastic corpus with PU foam insulation

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10T Fridgo 20L passive coolbox with wide take care of, 51x29x29cm

PU thermobox with snap lock; heat / cold insulation box for Camping Out of doors Picnic & Garden

Summer is excellent – but now not if perishable goods or beverages are to be transported. But with the 10T Fridgo 20L this downside will also be solved temporarily. Whether or not travelling, on holiday, in leisure time, for picnics, camping, an afternoon go back and forth or on a protracted drive: this passive cooler is a perfect & practical companion on heat days.

The 10T Fridgo 20L has a strong construction and gives superb performance (as much as 47 hours of cooling capacity; depending on temperature and cooling element). It insulates reliably, Whether or not cold or heat food or drinks. The plastic body was once built with two walls in order that the PU foam can act as insulation within the chamber between them. The Thermo-Box is immune to all weather conditions. The to hand size makes it ideal for campers, anglers and travellers. The skin will also be easily wiped clean with water.

The practical sporting take care of makes transportation a breeze, regardless of how much there’s within the cooler.

Weatherproof plastic housing
The weatherproof plastic housing is simple to wash with water.

Wide and foldable carry handle
The wide and foldable sporting take care of makes transporting the thermobox child´s play.

Robust hinges
Robust hinges guarantee a protracted service life.

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